See How They Run review – Agatha Christie spoof scurries through 50s theatreland

Key takeaways: 

  • This agreeable whodunnit parody sees Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan on the path of high-camp wrongdoing in the first creation of The Mousetrap.
  • Being compromised, as we are, with a perpetual line of ropey yet rewarding Agatha Christie motion pictures with Kenneth Branagh calling in anuzzer rurbeesh turrrn as the Belgian detective, this parody is a consolation.

It’s an agreeably senseless and determinedly camp whodunnit parody from screenwriter Mark Chappell, fixated on Agatha Christie’s long-running play The Mousetrap and an envisioned severe crime that occurred behind the stage in its London West End theater in 1953 – when the creation was a simple 100 exhibitions old.

A reckless Hollywood chief played by Adrien Brody, who wants to carry The Mousetrap to the screen, is seen as killed in the outfit office.

Sam Rockwell and Saiorse Ronan have a whimsical kind of non-romantic police science as the researching officials: Inspector Stoppard (a sign of approval for Tom Stoppard’s satire meta-secret The Real Inspector Hound) and his zealous colleague with a senseless crested cap, Constable Stalker, conceivably praise to Tarkovsky or the previous vice president constable of Greater Manchester John Stalker.

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Tim Key (regularly Alan Partridge’s companion on the farce show Mid-Morning Matters) is highly amusing as the scowling Met police chief.

The powers of the rule of law face the typical pasteboard galère of poutingly angry suspects among the Mousetrap cast – including youthful Dickie Attenborough, who indeed was the Inspector in the first run, and here played entertainingly by Harris Dickinson. David Oyelowo is Mervyn Cocker-Norris, the exceptionally hung essayist entrusted with adjusting The Mousetrap for the film, Reece Shearsmith (who likely merited a couple of additional entertaining lines) is the maker John Woolf – another genuine person – and Ruth Wilson is the supervisor Petula Spencer.

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