After four years of “c,” Marsai Martin had an ovarian cyst removed

Marsai Martin had an ovarian cyst removed

The Black-ish alum, 18, said she underwent surgery to remove a “large ovarian cyst” and is “doing wonderful.”

After having an ovarian cyst removed, Marsai Martin is recuperating.

On Saturday, the 18-year-old Black-ish alum revealed that she had endured the “continuous discomfort” associated with an ovarian cyst for several years. She did this by posting a black-and-white video of herself lying in a hospital bed to her Instagram Story.

She captioned the video, “If you missed my live, long story short, I underwent surgery for my huge ovarian cyst that gave me chronic pain for 4+ years.” “Due to the anesthetic, I don’t remember this stuff, lol.

The whole purpose of publishing this, Martin continued, is to raise awareness and help other young ladies who may be experiencing something similar or who struggle with their monthly periods. “Never feel alone. Be aware of your body. You always see signs of it. Well-being is riches.”

Marsai Martin; image from People

The actress informed followers that she had healed well from the treatment in a post on Instagram the day after the procedure.

She wrote, “Thank you all for all the kindness. “Ten days after the treatment, I’m doing well. I also value the accounts of those who have had similar circumstances! But I’m back and better than ever.”

The Mayo Clinic reports that “many women acquire ovarian cysts at some point,” the majority of which “cause little or no discomfort and are innocuous.”

Large or ruptured cysts, however, “may produce significant symptoms,” such as pelvic discomfort, fullness or heaviness in the belly, and bloating, according to Mayo Clinic.

Martin occasionally gives her fans a peek into her private life and opened up about her difficulties with mental health earlier this year. The actress and producer talked openly about their experience with depression in the past.

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