Jojo Siwa Displays Toned Body Following 2022 “Physical Health” Focus

Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa

The Dance Moms alumnus posted on Instagram, “After a year of putting a lot of focus on my physical health I am soooo happy of the muscle/strength I’ve developed!!”

Jojo Siwa is honoring her for her fortitude!

The 19-year-old Dance Moms alumna shared her “1st and final picture of 2022” on Instagram on Saturday, open up about the modifications she made to her physical health that year.

Siwa tweeted two photos: a close-up of her eyes with sweat droplets on her forehead also a mirror selfie of her bare, tone stomach.

“Since “progress pictures” make me uncomfortable, I NEVERRRRR take them. however, I am incredibly happy of the muscle and strength I’ve achieved after a year of putting a lot of effort into improving my physical health!” Siwa said in the post’s caption.

Jojo Siwa ; image from Yahoo Movie UK

“I literally looked like the woman in the first image EVERY DAY. sweated profusely, “Added she. “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!” Siwa’s statement appears to be in response to her recent breakup from TikTok star Avery Cyrus after three months of dating, which occurred shortly after she reiterated her accusations that she had been “used” in a prior relationship.

The relationship-related text was shown over the film, with Siwa facing the camera and lip-syncing to sounds of someone trying to tell one of two persons that they “make fairly horrible throat noises” when drinking.

“Yet I adore you. Why are you ending our relationship? “Read the opening passage of text, which was said to Siwa by the ex-partner.

Then, more writing suggested two possible causes for the breakup: “There’s someone else,” “You told one of my best friends that you were pleased to be dating me [because] you’re expanding your profession and want to go to the top,” or “There’s someone else.”

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