Jessica Alba’s Hairstylist’s Hair: ‘Hope You Like This Glam’

Jessica Alba's Hairstylist's Hair
Jessica Alba's Hairstylist's Hair

Jessica Alba and her hairstylist Brittany Ryan switched roles for a day and did her hair — with a margarita.

Jessica Alba has discovered her inner hairstylist.

Brittany Ryan, the actress from Some Beautiful, was hilariously unimpressed when she tried her skills on her hairstylist.

Alba, 41, said of Ryan’s hair in a fun video she posted on Instagram, “I hope you enjoy this glam look. Brittany doesn’t, but that’s irrelevant.”

Alba told her fans, “I’m doing her hair for the first time! And she whined the entire time.” Alba got tangled up while trying to brush Ryan’s hair and instead grabbed her necklace.

As her friend and designated “assistant,” Lizzy Mathis, asked, “Time for a Jess drink?” her hairstyling moment was completed with a margarita.

Jessica Alba’s Hairstylist’s Hair;image from People

Ryan, on the other hand, joked, “I don’t feel pampered at all.”

Mathis also joked that she was uneasy, saying, “Her doing your hair is making my head itch.”

Alba continued her glam by doing Ryan’s makeup, swooning over her facial features after pin-curling Ryan’s hair.

“You have very nice eyelids,” Alba observed, to which Ryan replied, “That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.” Mathis was almost ready to show off her new hairstyle, which featured loose beach waves.

“Bringing you my very best #HotMess hairdresser self, with ‘client’ @brittneyryanhair and ‘assistant’ @lizzymathis,” Alba captioned the video.

“IRL, Britt is a celeb hairstylist and Lizzy is my #werkwife – but we (aka I) decided it would be fun to switch roles for the day,” she continued.

She concluded by asking her fans what other jobs they thought she should try in the future.

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