Angel Carter and Lance Bass to Host ‘Songs for Tomorrow’ Charity Concert

Angel Carter and Lance Bass
Angel Carter and Lance Bass

“I have loved Aaron since we were born… it feels like a piece of my soul is gone,” the late star’s twin wrote on Instagram on her 35th birthday.

Angel Carter and Lance Bass have joined forces to honor her late twin brother, pop star Aaron Carter.

Angel posted a lengthy message on Instagram on Wednesday, in honor of her 35th birthday, explaining why Aaron’s death was “the worst day of my life” and how she intends to take action.

“I want to start by saying how much I appreciate all of your birthday wishes. While today is incredibly difficult, I am overwhelmed by your love and support… thank you from the base of my heart,” Angel wrote alongside a photo of herself and Aaron as children.

“I lost my sister, Leslie, almost 11 years ago, and I remember feeling broken, confused, and wondering how I was going to go on without her in my life… also now, over a decade later, I am forced to deal with the extreme grief of a sibling’s death,” she added. “

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This time, it’s Aaron, my beloved twin; we had an indescribable bond… and now… he’s gone.”

When we lost Leslie, I was taken aback and shocked; with Aaron; however, we had tried everything. I spoke with Aaron two days before his passing and begged him once more to let us help; I did not know that would be the time I would ever hear his voice. Also, now, I sit here on our birthday, trying to navigate this unimaginable loss due to untreated mental illness.

In West Hollywood, California, on January 18, 2023, Bass’ nightclub HEART will host the “Songs for Tomorrow” benefit concert.

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