Patient Number 9 review – eternal king of heavy metal tricks death again

Key takeaways: 

  • The unstoppable rocker counterbalances his typical introductions to the mysterious with moving thoughts of sickness on a ritzy return.
  • ‘I won’t ever pass on because I’m undying,” sings Ozzy Osbourne on the second track of his thirteenth independent collection.

It’s not the last time Patient Number 9 notices beating the grave: “I’m emerging from my grave … you will see my face,” he sings on No Escape from This point, while One of Those Days makes them kill “myself – however, I won’t ever pass on.”

You could say this appears decent, a more significant amount of the supernatural hokum that has been important for the Ozzy Osbourne brand since Black Sabbath initially showed up.

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There’s a ton of expressed hokum here, though with its tongue more clearly stopped in its cheek than it was 50 odd a long time back: Patient Number 9 is a collection that comes enhanced with emulating bad guy clucks, developed men’s voices crying “Mummy! Mummy!” in dread and what sounds like the trouble maker in a batty thriller yelling, “Someone stops me!” In the meantime, a tune that specifies disintegration closes with the words, “I like worms,” in a thick Brummie complement.

You can comprehend why Osbourne may be distracted by narrowly avoiding the grave or miraculously coming back to life in 2022.

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