Erdogan promises a new constitution and discusses Turkey’s future

Erdogan outlines Turkey's future and promises a new constitution.
Erdogan promises a new constitution and discusses Turkey's future

Key Takeaways:

  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, outlined his vision for the country in the next 100 years while promising a new constitution that would guarantee residents’ rights and opportunities.
  • Erdogan also reiterated plans for Turkey to become an energy hub to transport Russian gas to European nations, first put forth by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spread his vision for Turkey in the following 100 years, promising another constitution to ensure residents’ privileges and opportunities.

Erdogan said, in any case, that meanwhile, his administration would propose sacred revisions that would defend the privileges of ladies needing to wear Islamic-style headscarves and shield family values from what he called the “danger of distorted flows.” It referenced arranged corrections that could control LGBTQ freedoms and beat same-sex connections down.

Erdogan’s discourse framed plans for Turkey with 1 year to go for festivities denoting the century of the republic’s foundation following the breakdown of the Ottoman Realm. His discourse was likewise viewed as a mission pronouncement as the nation makes a beeline for parliamentary and official decisions in June.

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The despotic legislator who has driven Turkey for over twenty years — first as a top state leader and president starting around 2014 — is looking for another five-year term.

Erdogan’s vision for Turkey incorporates making the country one of the world’s best 10 countries in “governmental issues, economy, innovation, military and strategy” and diminishing energy reliance on unfamiliar countries.

He likewise promised to proceed with questionable designs to build a channel slicing through Istanbul. The public authority demands the trench will ease marine traffic in the Bosporus Waterway; however, natural gatherings dread the task will cause ecological harm.

“We need to make areas of strength for the new 100 years of the Republic,” said Erdogan.

Taking note that Turkey’s constitution was drafted following a tactical upset in 1980, Erdogan guaranteed another constitution that would reinforce “law and order, pluralism, equity, and balance.”

Erdogan outlines Turkey's future and promises a new constitution.
Erdogan outlines Turkey’s future and promises a new constitution. Image from The Japan Times

“The timeframe of realistic usability of the constitution of the Sept. 12 (1980) upset has previously lapsed,” Erdogan said.

The Turkish chief said the draft established corrections to be submitted one week from now would guarantee “the schooling and business privileges of every one of our young ladies and sisters whether they wear headscarves or are revealed, as well as shield our family foundation from the danger of distorted flows.”

Assessments of public sentiment show that Erdogan has lost some help amid high expansion, running at over 83%. Onlookers accept Erdogan has been taking an enemy of LGBTQ position to join his moderate help base.

Erdogan additionally repeated plans — first proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin — for Turkey to turn into an energy center to convey Russian gas to European countries. Examiners say the arrangement will probably not emerge, given European nations’ endeavors to diminish their dependence on Russian energy.

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