Vancouver woman stunned as Air Canada flight leads to the shredded bag

Key takeaways: 

  • A Vancouver lady has paid. However, a couple of replies after a departure from her old neighborhood to Calgary finished in a checked sack left destroyed.
  • Casey Dubyk, 27, traveled to Calgary from Vancouver Worldwide Air terminal on Sept. 26 for a work trip.

The promoting coordinator typically just brings a portable suitcase, yet before she boarded, she was informed the volume of fluids in her little gym bag was excessively perfect. She looks at it, all things being equal.

At the point when she and her associates deplaned at Calgary Global, her sack wasn’t there. An Air Canada rep told her it would come on the next flight, and the carrier would bring down her data and convey it to her inn.

The pack was conveyed—kind of.

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“I’m like, goodness, stand by; for what reason might I at any point see my highlighter-yellow sweater in a shut pack?” she thought as she looked at it.

The pack had a gigantic opening attacking it. The dress and different things inside, including expensive beauty care products, were to a great extent destroyed too. Dull imprints were seen on large numbers of the items.

She assesses $1,100 worth of harm, altogether, was finished.

“The underlying response was like, shell shock, giggling and afterward crying.”

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