Incoming Rep. George Santos, who won a House seat by flipping it red

George Santos
George Santos

Republican George Santos has previously made several claims that The New York Times could not verify, including his education, previous employment, and financial history.

The education, financial history, also backstory of incoming Republican Rep. George Santos are being called into question following the publication of a story in The New York Times on Monday revealing that much of the soon-to-be-background lawmaker’s is shrouded in mystery.

According to the New York Times, the New York representative-elect, who won his congressional race in November and flipped a Long Island seat red, built his campaign on being the “image of the American fantasy.”

The explosive report has cast doubt on much of his campaign biography, including alleged stints at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs and an animal rescue charity he claims to have founded.

George Santos; image from Yahoo

While Santos has not yet responded to the allegations, his attorney told the news that the allegations were “defamatory” and that the newly elected representative “defines the kind of progress that the Left is so threat by a gay, Latino, immigrant, also Republican who won a Biden district in overwhelming fashion by show everyday voter that there is a better option than the broken promises also fail policies of the left.”

Santos, 34, is the first openly gay Republican to win a non-incumbent House seat. He has previously made several claims that the Times was unable to verify.

Santos has stated that he graduated from Baruch College in 2010 and attended New York University, according to his biography on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s website.

Santos has also claimed to have worked at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. However, neither company could confirm his employment (a Citigroup employee told the Times that they were unfamiliar with his alleged role at the company and had previously sold off his shares).

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