Jockstrap review – electro-pop duo find order in the clutter

Key takeaways: 

  • Taylor Skye and Georgia Ellery piece together an interwoven of melodic classes into a beautiful visit opener.
  • A playlist of blood and gore film scores ushers Athletic supporters in front of an audience. “Might we have the house music off at any point, please?”

Georgia Ellery amiably asks the sound designer as thick, cutting strings seep into the title track from their presentation collection I Love You Jennifer B.

As Athletic supporters, Ellery and her bandmate Taylor Skye produce melodic scrapbooks, tunes in which they unite their persuasions from retro soul to beating gadgets. Ongoing music school graduates, the pair take sharp turns in their songwriting through disco sentimentality, head-banging wilderness, and symphonic pop.

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In front of an audience, an Athletic supporter cut forlorn outlines against a neon surge of smoke. For the majority of their set, Skye stays enclosed by his hardware. In contrast, Ellery remains an arm’s span from her guitar and violin (she additionally plays the last option instrument for acclaimed nonmainstream band Dark Country, New Street).

It’s the main visit evening, so nerves are not ordinary. “We have holes between now,” mumbles Skye with a sketchy look as he sits tight for Ellery to re-tune her guitar.

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