Kevin Bacon Reacts to Daughter Sosie’s “Smile” Role by Claiming His Family Has a “Horror Tradition”

Kevin Bacon Reacts to Daughter Sosie's 'Smile' Role by Saying His Family Has a 'Horror Tradition'
Kevin Bacon Reacts to Daughter Sosie's "Smile" Role by Claiming His Family Has a "Horror Tradition"

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  • The 64-year-old Golden Globe winner spoke candidly to The Hollywood Reporter this week about what it was like to see his 30-year-old daughter Sosie Bacon take the lead in Paramount’s chilling new smash Smile.

The horror movie star Kevin Bacon’s daughter is a “fantastic” actress.

This week, the 64-year-old Golden Globe winner opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about what it was like to watch his 30-year-old daughter Sosie Bacon play the lead role in Paramount’s spooky new hit Smile. He explains that it’s a family tradition.

Even though I knew how hard she had worked and how talented she was, he admitted I was still shocked when I saw the movie when she was cast in Smile. “Not only because she was fantastic, but also because of how difficult that role was because it was one of those parts with no breaks.

“The protagonist is typically initially content for at least 15 or 20 minutes before everything starts to go wrong. However, that movie has an insanely high-stress level. She made me very proud, “Kevin continued.

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According to Box Office Mojo, Smile, Sosie’s most recent movie following his success on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why in 2017 and 2018, is currently the highest-grossing horror film of 2022, having made more than $171 million on a $17 million budget.

Kevin stated that Sosie’s parents didn’t discover their daughter’s interest in acting until she was in her early 20s: “But when she finally decided that this is what she wanted to do in her early 20s, she left college, moved to Los Angeles, and started acting in the right ways. Self-tape after self-tape, pounding the pavement, and studying”

Kevin had already made appearances in 1978’s Animal House and a few soap operas when he first appeared on Friday the 13th, more than 40 years ago. He acknowledged that he hadn’t anticipated the film’s level of popularity. A slasher franchise with 12 films total has since been created by the film.

The Sean S. Cunningham-directed movie, however, was “the definition of a low-budget indie” at the time and was actually “made for nothing,” he claimed.

Kevin Bacon Reacts to Daughter Sosie's 'Smile' Role by Saying His Family Has a 'Horror Tradition'
Kevin Bacon Reacts to Daughter Sosie’s ‘Smile’ Role by Saying His Family Has a ‘Horror Tradition’ Image from NewsBreak

“In Blairstown, New Jersey, I was outside. Previously, I had to take a public bus to a bus stop on the side of a country road, where a crew member would drive out and pick me up, “said Kevin. “That was the closest thing they had to a mode of transportation. I still vividly recall taking a break for lunch and being served slices of bologna and cheese on white bread with French’s mustard.”

When discussing his most recent Peacock Original movie They/Them, Kevin, who also knows son Travis Bacon, 33, with wife Kyra Sedgwick, earlier opened up to PEOPLE regarding how having two kids allows him to see things from a “different point of view.”

In August, he said, “I believe that in recent years, even someone as old and jaded as myself can say, ‘Let me start to listen a little more and begin to look at things from a different spot of view.'” “There is no distrust that young people are our future,”

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