Matisse Thybulle of the Philadelphia 76ers says playing at Madison Square Garden

Matisse Thybulle of the Philadelphia 76ers
Matisse Thybulle of the Philadelphia 76ers

Exclusively for news, the Sixers fan favourite discusses his postgame Christmas plans and a favourite holiday movie.

Matisse Thybulle is looking forward to working on Christmas Day, even though he has to work.

Earning a spot on the NBA’s coveted Christmas Day schedule is a “huge compliment” for NBA players, the Philadelphia 76ers guard tells news ahead of his team’s game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

The 25-year-old recalls watching the NBA’s marquee matchups with his family every Christmas.

“Growing up, we all watched and had the games on in the background or with our family sitting and watching,” he tells the news.

“So you know the games [the NBA] chose are the ones people want to see,” he continues.

Matisse Thybulle; Image from ESPN

Aside from the significance of playing on Christmas Day, the Sixers will be playing in front of one of the NBA’s most notoriously unforgiving crowds, Madison Square Garden. “It’s kind of like the ultimate,” he says of the location.

However, Thybulle believes that Philadelphia’s fans have prepared him for the big day.

“People talk about MSG and other arenas, but playing with Philly is still the most difficult place to play in my opinion,” he says. “We get booed by our own fans, so it’s like going somewhere else to play. It’s as if to say, ah, this is nothing.”

Thybulle, fortunately, will have help in the arena on Christmas Day.

“I have a lot of family in New York,” he says, adding that his ties to the area will make Sunday’s game extra special for him and his family.

“Especially because my father and family out there grew up in New York, so the significance of that arena and that game means a lot to them as well,” Thybulle says. “It’s a special thing to be able to play, but doing it for my family makes it even more special.”

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