Google will appeal India’s Android antitrust ruling.


Alphabet’s Google announced on Friday that it would appeal the Indian antitrust watchdog’s ruling ordering the tech giant to change its approach to its Android platform and imposing a $162 million fine for anticompetitive practices.

According to the Competition Commission of India (CCI), Google used its dominant position in markets such as online search and the Android app store to protect part of its apps, such as Chrome and YouTube, in mobile web browsers and online video hosting.

“We have decided to appeal the CCI’s decision on Android because we believe it represents a significant setback for our Indian users and businesses who rely on Android’s security features, as well as potentially increasing the cost of mobile devices,” a Google spokesperson said on Friday.

According to Reuters, Google was concerned by the CCI ruling because it sought broader remedial measures.

Google; image from Reuters

According to Counterpoint Research, Android powers approximately 97% of India’s 600 million devices.

“Android has benefited Indian users, developers, and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), as well as fueled India’s digital transformation. We are excited to present our case and remain committed to our users and partners “Google stated.

Google had faced increased antitrust scrutiny worldwide, including a major setback earlier this year when a European court upheld a 2018 ruling saying it large confirmed a decision that the company imposed “unlawful restrictions on manufacturers of Android mobile devices.”

Google also intends to appeal that decision, in which it faces a record $4.1 billion fine.

The company has also been fired for licensing its Android operating system to smartphone manufacturers while signing anticompetitive agreements.

According to the US tech behemoth, Android has given everyone more options, and such agreements help keep the operating system unrestricted.

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